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    I would like a separate ability to sort My Library by Activity, in ascending/descending.

    Mizuchi Seiji · 1 · Last reply by Mizuchi Seiji

    I would like a separate ability to sort my library by activity in ascending/descending. Such as 1) new updates "at the top of each category/only show just updated", 2) percent of story I've "read/not read" or "100%/0%", 3) story marked as complete/In progress.

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    Make an "already read " for the ones you've finished

    Dana Baysinger · 0 · Posted

    I hate downloading books I've finished reading.  So to remove this problem mark items with an " allready read " 

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    More sort options for "My Library"

    Caerival Voidscream · 0 · Posted

    Sorting by Category is nice but I have a large number of stories downloaded (over 400) from a widely varied list of categories and would like to be able to sort the list by author and then by update date.


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    Can the app remember what story you had open last? It's incredibly annoying to always have to go find the story and open it everything I switch apps

    Whick · 0 · Posted

    Everything I leave the app and go to another app and thencome back to it, I have to scroll through my library, find thestory, select it, then select read.   Why can't it just remember what I had open last.  

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    Under Review

    Add Touch id/pin-code support

    Marqueefx · 1 · Last reply by Jennifer Wentzell

    I would like to hide the stories in my library from privy eyes.

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    History feature

    Victoria Paulection · 0 · Posted

    It would be nice to have a feature that makes it easier to go back to previously read or unfinished story. A history feature would make it easier to find the stories instead of searching for them.


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    Personalized Folders in MyLibrary

    Angie Ayers Lewis · 0 · Posted

    I would like to see a new functionality added to my library that would allow users to create personalized folders for categorizing our stories. For instance, some of my fav stories are HEA, others are non-HEA, some are cheating fics, etc.  

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    Please add unfollow/unfavorite button please

    I need to go into the web version to unfollow or in favorite someone.

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    Vercalos · 0 · Posted

    I remember you mentioning this was planned, but figured I should post the idea for archival purposes at the very least, and hopefully foster some discussion on how it could work, and how I could be improved.  

    Scrolling up and down works for some people, but my own personal preference is to swipe side to side in order to change pages.  The page turning animation effect of iBooks is nifty, but entirely unnecessary.

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    A way to clear story progress?

    John · 2 · Last reply by Rebekah Turple

    When I'm finished with a story, and I want to read it again, I always have to manually scroll back up on every chapter to re read it. I presume this is because the app saves your place in each chapter. It becomes a hassle when I'm completely done and want to restart the story. I know you can click into the chapter directory within the story, and tap on the first chapter to reset, but it doesn't work for single chapter stories. And it'd just be a lot easier if there was a separate button to clear progress, you

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    Bookmark/save filters

    Allan · 0 · Posted

    It would be awesome if we could save or bookmark a filter for certain category instead of having to fill it out each time I'm searching for something.

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    Sorting stories

    Shane Free · 0 · Posted

    When viewing the followed or favorited stories, you should add the ability to control the order they turn up. Sort by date updated or date added at least. 

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    Pairing filter & Characters in story without clicking for more info.

    Flandy · 0 · Posted

    At the moment there seems to be no way to filter for pairings like on the main mobile website. This makes it a lot more difficult to find stories so having that filter added would be nice. Oddly enough when you click on the story for more information the brackets indicating that there's are a paring are there much like they would be on the mobile site. Also, I believe the name should be changed from "Pairings" to "Characters" on the more information screen as not all fics are of a romantic nature.

     Also when actually looking for stories we get

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    Author Search

    Nicole Gorring · 0 · Posted

    can we please have the ability to search by author. 

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    Resume or Continue Button

    SarinaSlytherin · 0 · Posted

    When going in to resume a story, I have to find and click on the one I was reading....maybe have a resume button at the bottom with the other buttons to make this easier?

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    Some way to check the communities you are following, or search communities

    Zannah Bane · 1 · Last reply by Sarah H

    Pretty self explanatory, but there needs to be a way to look through all the communities you may follow, since they are mostly similar stories that you might like... 


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    Black screen

    SarinaSlytherin · 1 · Last reply by Roman Alifanov

    When the screen times out the app immediately pushes you out of your current story and into the library, and this is very annnoying. I propose that this be fixed, because I am tired of having to search for my story again just because my screen timed out 

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    App notifies me of updated stories when none have updated

    Pyralis · 0 · Posted

    The app notifies me that stories have been updated and proceeds to mark several stories for updating, when less than 3/4s of them have not been updated.

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    A list of missing features/improvements

    Adrian · 1 · Last reply by Roman Alifanov

    This is just a list of features that I noticed are missing that make the app less ideal to use than the website itself:

    1. The glaring lack of the pairings filter - this is VERY important as it is a incredibly powerful filtering tool. Enough said.

    2. All crossovers - you are unable to view all crossovers for a specific series, you have to instead select the specific crossovers (E.g. Harry Potter x LOTR). You should be able to view all the crossovers and filter as normal.

    3. The ability to jump to the bottom or top of a

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    the new VOICE READER feedback

    Hikio7 · 3 · Last reply by Jaleno1975

    Please bring back the old VOICE READER simce the new one not clear for me 

    and the fast mode in the new voice reader is very fast and the normal mode is slow 

    I really love this app . Don’t make me delete it

    sorry or the grammar since English is not my mother language