No pairings filter yet???

I made a post about half a year ago talking about some missing features. ALL of them have been added (thank you!) or we’re already present, except for this one, the relationship pairing filter. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been added as it doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult to implement, but then again, I’m not the one writing the app.

That being said, I saw a “completed” request from last year re: the same topic. I am very puzzled about that  because as far as I can see, that feature remains conspicuously absent.

Okay, Maybe this is a case where you are not aware of what this particularly filter is on FF.net. This filter is a checkbox that allows us to search for characters that have been listed as the pairing for a story. This is a very important filtering tool as it allows one to get rid of a lot of content they may not want tor read and helps to really target the content that you do

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I have just noticed that the app has a "Automatically Open Last Story" option in the settings, it only works for local stories though, have you tested it?

Yes, it’s enabled and it works fine for local stories.

No, thank you! For your support! :)

If you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact me, you can send bug reports from the app's settings.

The resume reading feature will work for both local and online stories. 

Alright, now I understand, I will try adding them in the next version. :)

THANK YOU! this app was money well spent. Other than a few crashes here and there it has worked like a champ.

I also saw you were working on a resume button (which would REALLY help when the app crashes) and I hope it’s not just for downloaded stories, if possible. It’s painful to lose your place when reading through categories, especially since the pages are infinite scrolling and not numbered.

Ok, so this is what it's supposed to look like:

Does that mean that the app is simply missing the "Pairing" checkbox?

Yes, both of them, for plus and without filters

I have just tried applying that filter on the desktop version of the site, but it yields the same number of results, it seems like it's not even been applied.

Please have a look at the attached screen, am I missing something? :)

Yes, you have not specified any characters in the plus filters section, so it will show all results. It’s basically the same as not selecting a pairing. However you have selected Cloud and Aerith in the without section so it will exclude those pairings.

Huh, I just tried and the without filters seem to be not working atm... but the plus filters are, go figure

And now it’s working again, probably just a site hiccup

So, after more testing, it appears the without pairing filter does not work unless you unless you have a character selected in the plus section...weird

Aha, the pairings filter indicates that the characters are in a relationship. 

Look at the picture I included, in the filters section you see the characters A,B, etc filters. Now in that same section there is a checkbox called pairings. If selected, the filters will only return those stories that have that selected pairing in it. This is a great filter because it means you can look exactly for those pairings is you wish (and avoid those that you don’t).

You should also note that when you look at the listed characters for a story, you may see some of them in square brackets like this: [Character A, Character B]. Those characters are in a pairing and will be listed in the results if I do a search for that specific pairing.

There is also a pairing checkbox for the excluded/except character filter so that you can exclude pairings as well.

P.S. I hope this cleared it up for you, I’m trying not to talk in circles here. Thanks for the quick response as well! That’s part of the reason I bought this app (other than removing ads), I can actually talk to the dev. Good stuff!

Also, I forgot to mention, the pairings can include as many characters as can be selected in the filters. From 2 to 4 in most cases. This is dependent on how many character filters are offered for that specific series.

Hi. How is pairing different from choosing Character A / B / etc?