A list of missing features/improvements

This is just a list of features that I noticed are missing that make the app less ideal to use than the website itself:

1. The glaring lack of the pairings filter - this is VERY important as it is a incredibly powerful filtering tool. Enough said.

2. All crossovers - you are unable to view all crossovers for a specific series, you have to instead select the specific crossovers (E.g. Harry Potter x LOTR). You should be able to view all the crossovers and filter as normal.

3. The ability to jump to the bottom or top of a story - Some stories are incredibly long, and scrolling all the way to the bottom or top to reread something is a chore. Increasing the font size can also increase the amount of scroll get required. This segues into...

4. Fast scrolling - I'm not sure of the api limitations of ios, but the ability to drag the scrollbar, or at least inertial scrolling with increasing speed the faster you swipe, would be a welcome addition.

P.S. - I am on fence about buying, it's a really great app but the omission of these features make using the mobile site easier and more convenient..at least to find stories. Reading in this app is quite superior. This, for the most part, blows the official ff.net app out of the water. Kudos for that.

P.P.S. - I would love to use this app instead of having to use the site but I find myself going back to it to actually find the stories I want to read. 

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Hi, thank you for your feedback, I will see what I can do about it, as for scrolling to the top, you can actually tap the status bar (the top of the screen) to do that.