Pairing filter & Characters in story without clicking for more info.

At the moment there seems to be no way to filter for pairings like on the main mobile website. This makes it a lot more difficult to find stories so having that filter added would be nice. Oddly enough when you click on the story for more information the brackets indicating that there's are a paring are there much like they would be on the mobile site. Also, I believe the name should be changed from "Pairings" to "Characters" on the more information screen as not all fics are of a romantic nature.

 Also when actually looking for stories we get the following informations: cover art, summary, word count, chapters, and authors. Missing from here are the characters involved in the story. You you only get this information if you click on the story for more information. The mobile website lists the characters involved  without any extra clicks so this should too. Makes it much easier to decide which to read or not when you get all the information you need from a glance.