Please add a 'bookmark' feature to save your place within each chapter and I'll buy it!

Ok, I love how you are adding the sync feature across platforms.... But my biggest hitch with this app is that it does not save my place within a chapter. A 'bookmark' if you will.... When you read fics that sometimes have 10-20,000 word chapters, this is a MUST. These are the ones I still have to read on a web browser because I just can't handle scrolling through every time.... Besides that one thing, this is 100% my fav app now. I've removed my other fanfic apps, and if you add this feature, I'm definitely purchasing the remove add feature and going 100% all fanfics read on here. Even if you can only bookmark on one device, and only can sync the chapter across platforms, I'd still appreciate it on just the one platform. Anything I can get at this point! Lol! You guys are doing a great job and I love that you are so responsive and listen to your users requests. So great!