Add a tab to My Library to allow setting Category favorites. I would rather not have to scroll the whole list every time.

I don't want to scroll through the category list when I am looking for something new in particular categories. It would be nice to be able to set category favorites and access them from a tab in My Library. Message

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Added in version 1.4, the update will be available during this week.

I'll try to add that in the next version update. :)

Yes, Roman, that is exactly what I would like. There are about 5 or 6 topics under Books, and a few under Misc, that I want to follow and would like to have a way to track just those without having to search for them in the long list. If I could flag them as favorite topics/categories it would be a lot easier.

For example, I would like to have a way to track just, say, Books/Harry Potter, Books/Dresden Files, Books/Kay Scarpetta series without having to scroll the list to get to them. Having a tab or other means in the My Library would be ideal. Or, for that matter, having a dedicated 'My Watched Items' entry in the list of Categories as the place to keep the links would work.

Hi, I'm not sure I understood you correctly, are you saying that you would like to be able to select a category and limit "My Library" to only display stories within that category?

P.S. you also have the option to search for stories in your library if you pull the list down.