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Yeah, it's by Mind for Books, called FanFiction, and not owning an iPhone, I have never used it on one, but it's a pain to use on an iPad, especially when you prefer to use it in landscape mode.  You can read the actual fanfics in landscape mode, but annoyingly, every other screen in the app is locked in portrait mode.  The other annoying bit is that it doesn't do the whole automatic bookmarking thing that PF does, making one waste time to find where they left off, which is a pain when you're trying to squeeze a couple minutes of reading in a break, and take so much time finding your place that your break's done by the time you've done so.  The only thing that it offers over the other fanfic apps I've seen is better integration with the site.  

Other apps will let you log in to FanFiction.net, but the one I prefer to use has an outdated API, thus can't leave or access reviews like the official one can

Yeah I know, I have used it before, but it's not an official app, ff.net has an official app for Android though.


I'm planning to add support for leaving reviews in the near future. Stay tuned :)

Huh. I thought it WAS the official app..  Ah well.

I've seen this in one other app, Pocket Fiction.

So far as I can tell, it's the only fanfic app with that feature.  Even the official Fanfiction.net app doesn't have this feature that I can tell.

The new version will support searching for stories by their id. Is there an official FF app for iPhone?